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New Vistas

newvistas logoThe synergistic action of our products enhances therapeutic efficacy without inhibiting its own activity. Each formula sharpens and develops the therapeutic response. Our harmonious combinations invite the body to utilise what it requires. The cells will cultivate what is needed for regeneration and anything deemed disadvantageous will dissipate. The route to good health is paved with impurities and we find that complex homoeopathy focuses the body gently in the right direction.
  1. Digestive enzyme
  2. Bio-plasma liquescence – used for people losing hair (€19)
  3. Bac – for bacteria (€15)
  4. Fungal (€)
  5. Bone liquescence (€19)
  6. VIR – virus (€15)
  7. HRP- cold sore (€15)
  8. Limbic system liquescence – depression (€19)
  9. Mucous liquescence (€19)


vogel-logoOne of the most well known, trusted and respected brands in natural health is A.Vogel. Where all herbal remedies are produced within 24 hours of harvesting. Their remedies are available in several different forms including tablets, tinctures, sprays, drops and capsules.


viridian logoThe Viridian Nutrition range of 180+ award-winning products includes vitamins, minerals, herbs, nutritional oils, speciality supplements, tinctures and balms all formulated to be healthful, efficacious and pure. By choosing from the Viridian Nutrition range, you are one step closer to your goal of 100% wellness.
  1. Vitamin c
  2. High five B complex with magnesium ascorbate (€22.25)
  3. High five multi vitamin & mineral formula (€19.20)


solgar logoSolgar has been innovating and producing fine quality nutritional supplements since 1947. Their mission is to provide consumers with top quality, innovative, science based nutritional supplements to enhance their total health and well-being.

They incorporate the highest global standards for the manufacture of all their products. For more than 50 years Solgar has been setting the Gold Standard for nutritional supplements.

  1. Ester- C 1000 MG Vitamin C ( € 37.75)
  2. Chromium picolinate (€20.80)
  3. Megasorb vitamin B – complex (€18)
  4. Curcumin (€36.15)
  5. Botanical Female complex (€29.30)
  6. Calcium magnesium plus zinc (€9.40)
  7. Liquid B12 (€16.45)
  8. Vitamin D3 (€15.25)
  9. Chelated magnesium calcium 2:1 (€18.03)


salvestrol logoCells in the body use Salvestrols to help correct themselves when things go wrong. They are like the cell's own police force helping to ensure the cell functions correctly. The sorts of situations where the body would normally use Salvestrols are those in which the body for some reason turns on itself and which generally cause inflammation. Antioxidants strive to protect our cells from DNA damage but are ineffective once the damage is done. Salvestrols work beyond antioxidants by eliminating the damaged cells, and only the damaged cells. Since we all have damaged cells in our bodies, taking Salvestrols helps us heal ourselves before a sufficient accumulation can make us sick.

The scientists who discovered Salvestrols have surmised that the gene which expresses the enzyme that uses the Salvestrols first appeared around 150 million years ago. So the body has been using this protective mechanism since human life evolved, but we are now depriving it of these essential nutrients as a result of our eating habits and the modern methods of food production.

In fact, the body finds Salvestrols so important that they escape the first attempts of the liver to remove them from the body — a process known as first-pass metabolism. This need for the body to hold on to these compounds for as long as possible caused the scientists who discovered them to call them Salvestrols from the latin word salve (to save).

Synergy Natural

synergy-logo Synergy, all natural super food blend of spirulina, wheatgrass, barley and chlorella. An easy and affordable way to look and feel great, they can be added to fruit juices and smoothies. Synergy Products was created to provide natural wholefood health products at an affordable price with no quality compromise.

Higher Nature

highernature-logoThe fantastic range of superior quality products include herbal remedies, superfoods, multivitamins and minerals, immune health, shape and weight supplements, eye health and so much more.

Quest Vitamins

quest-logoQuest Vitamins offer unrivalled quality in nutritional supplements that supports healthy skin, hair and nails. Their product range includes vitamins, synergistic minerals, probiotics, standardised herbs and all products are developed based on extensive scientific research.

Nature's Plus

For over 40 years, Nature's Plus® has worked hard to become the "gold standard" among natural vitamin and nutritional supplement suppliers. Our commitment to excellence has earned the loyalty of thousands of natural whole food products retailers and millions of their customers across the U.S. and the world. Nature's Plus is committed to supplying superior quality natural vitamins and nutritional supplements that meet the demands of our customers without compromise. Ongoing research and development continues to bring you and your family the most effective vitamins and supplements based on solid, scientific findings.

Udos Choice

udoschoice-logoUdos Choice provides us with essential amino acids, 3,6, & 9 from plant and seed. Omegas are essential to all diets and can help improve conditions such as fatigue, arthritis, ADD, ADHD, high cholesterol, menopause, skin conditions, digestion and stress.

 Nordic Naturals

nordicnaturals-logoNordic Naturals’ mission is to deliver pure and great-tasting omega fish oils that promote optimal health and wellness. As an industry leader and innovator, Nordic Naturals strives to lead individuals to a better quality of life while maintaining a deep respect for the environment.

Clear Marine

cleanmarine logoClear Marine Krill for Women is a great source of Omega 3 as well as giving me my Vitamin Bs and Ds. it's useful because all are contained in two capsules.


comvita logoAt Comvita we understand nature and the way our bodies work. With our proven natural performance process we harness the power of nature for your health, bringing you high performance ingredients in a pure and powerful form.


salus-logoSalus are manufacturers of top quality liquid supplements, tablets, capsules and organic herbal teas. Most of the products are suitable for vegetarians, are GMO free and free from alcohol, preservatives, artificial flavourings and colourings.

Sara's Choice

sarachoice-logoNone of our products contain gluten, wheat, dairy, yeast, soya or any fillers or excipients of any kind. They are pure, wildcrafted or certified organic.

Dr Dilis Clare – Health and Herb

dr clare logoDr Clare’s team integrates pharmaceutical and herbal medicine. This model of collaborative medicine offers the best of both approaches. After medical school Dr Clare went on to do her GP training. Taking the opportunity to study for a BSc in Herbal Medicine at Middlesex University she qualified as a medical herbalist in 1999 and returned to Ireland to establish a Primary Health Care collaborative medicine clinic. Although herbal medicine is core to Dr Clare’s training and expertise she also works with and highly values other complementary healthcare disciplines including Nutrition, Acupuncture, Psychotherapy and a wide range of hands-on physical and energetic and spiritual treatments. 
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